Opening Update

Dec. 31, 2015 – Important Update: Mother Nature hasn’t cooperated for opening this weekend. We’ve been making snow whenever the opportunity has allowed us. Ski Wentworth has a lot of terrain to adequately cover and we need more cold snowmaking weather. Our snowmakers will be hard at it this weekend pounding out the snow, taking advantage of the upcoming cold weather window. So be patient. And don’t worry. It’s coming. Based on the forecast, the planned opening date is Thursday, January 7. We’ll update as we get closer.

Snowmaking Continues…

After two days of snowmaking, we’ve made great headway and some impressive piles of snow. However, there is more snow to be made and temperatures are on the rise leading up to the weekend. It’s a little early to make a call on opening date. Stay tuned. And THINK COLD!

Day 1 Snowmaking

Dec. 21, 2015
Results after 24 hours of snowmaking. Now the waiting game begins for the next window of cold temperatures. Think cold! Stay tuned for an opening date. We still have more snowmaking to do.

Snowmaking starts

Dec. 20, 2015
Mother Nature gave us a cold window of opportunity, so we fired up snowmaking on Dec. 20. Looks like we’ll have a 24 hour run. Not enough time to get open, and we have some more mild temperatures in the forecast, but its a start!! Keep checking back for updates on an opening date.