Gift Cards & Super Value Cards

2016-2017 Ski Wentworth Gift Cards and Super Value Cards are now available for purchase at the following retail outlets;

Aerobics First                Quinpool Road, Halifax                                              Cleve’s       Spring Garden, Halifax

Entity Board Shop       Blowers Street, Hailfax                                                Cleve’s      Chain Lake Drive, Halifax

Pro Skate                         Quinpool Road, Halifax                                             Cleve’s      Akerley Boulevard, Dartmouth 

HAF Skate & Tattoo     Esplanade Street, Truro                                               Cleve’s       Robie Street, Truro

Bike Monkey                   Robie Street, Truro                                                      Cleve’s       Westville Road, New Glasgow

Hub Cycle                         Inglis Place, Truro                                                       Cleve’s       Wyse Street, Moncton

Mike’s Bike Shop           Englehart Street, Dieppe

2016-2017 Ski Wentworth Gift Cards and Super Value Cards are now available for purchase at the following Esso Gas Stations and Wilsons Gas Stops;

Esso                                      Highway 6 West, Amherst                                       Wilsons Gas Stop     Farnham Gate Road, Halifax

Esso                                      Mason Lane, Elmsdale                                             Wilsons Gas Stop     Lake Thomas Drive, Fall River   

Esso                                      Wyse Road, Dartmouth                                           Wilsons Gas Stop     Marsh Street, New Glasgow

Esso                                      Robie Street, Truro                                                    Wilsons Gas Stop     Highway 2, Great Village

Esso                                      Highway 2, Milford Station                                     Wilsons Gas Stop     Walker Street, Truro

Esso                                      Main Street, Sackville NB                                         Wilsons Gas Stop     Herringcove Road, Spryfield

Esso                                      Champlain Street, Dieppe NB                                    Wilsons Gas Stop     Main Street, Shediac

Esso                                       Young Street, Halifax                                                  Wilsons Home Heating     Pleasant Street, Truro

Esso                                       Pictou Road, Bible Hill

Esso                                       Bridge Avenue, New Glasgow

Esso                                       Falkland Street, Lunenburg

Esso                                       Hammonds Plains Road, Halifax